As thoughts turn to easing restrictions people are once again excited by the prospect of returning to historic visitor destinations. Listed buildings, with all their wonderful attributes, will have undergone many changes their lifetime – and may have to adapt again. Making changes to listed buildings is something Mosedale Gillatt Architects has gained an award winning reputation for in recent years – from converting a Grade II* lodge into their own contemporary offices, through to flagship projects for clients such as the National Trust and the Churches Conservation Trust.

Public listed buildings in a post Covid 19 future will need to address key areas, such as controlling the flow of visitors and staff whilst maintaining social distancing. Entry points, ticketing and reception areas can be pinch points – but a combination of good spatial planning and management can help alleviate these problems. In some cases, narrow corridors will present a distancing issue, and solutions might include a ‘one way’ system or creating a whole new route altogether by ‘re-opening’ former doorways or re purposing rooms.

Our team of Architects and Conservation Architects understand how listed buildings can be adapted, and the importance of making people feel confident about returning to experience them once again. Our expertise allows us to offer a quick and thorough assessment – helping balance requirements for safety with a visitor experience that can still generate revenue. Following a free initial consultation, we can provide efficient building strategies that can inform your future business plans – working remotely or in client teams to provide a range of solutions. Contact us to find out more on

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