Mosedale Gillatt were appointed by Durham County Council to design a £2.8 million extension to this Grade 1 listed SEBD school in County Durham. The initial brief for the project required that a sports hall, external classroom for visiting students, performance workshops and ancillary spaces be created at this nationally significant site. Set within a planned eighteenth century landscape, the sensitivity of the location meant that the design team needed to work closely with English Heritage and other stakeholders to develop a masterplan for the site. This then identified the most appropriate locations for the new development work.

Using the topography of the site and historic gardens, the Sports Hall has been set into the hillside and clad in undulating Siberian Larch to reduce its bulk visually when viewed against the backdrop of ancient woodland. Lower level massing to the face of the sports hall offers a contemporary reinvention of simple working buildings, restating a former courtyard.

Images of the completed scheme are to follow shortly.